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Presenting…Gman’s Completed Lapbook on Mexico! 22/06/2010

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Gman has finished his Mexico lapbook.  Little did we realise that he had done so much work on so many mini-books that he would need two oversized lapbooks 🙂 ; one for Modern Mexico and one for Ancient Mexico.  Here’s some pics of the modern Mexico lapbook:

Gman has really enjoyed this project, particularly customising his own minibooks rather than using templates.

I will post pics of his Ancient Mexico lapbook in another post…

Impressionist Lapbook Finished 31/03/2010

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Wow, wow and double wow!  Gman has completed his Impressionist lapbook and is sooooo proud of it (and quite rightly so!).  You can check out his blog, Gmans Ramblings, to see what he has written about it, and check out some pictures below:

It is great to see Gman getting into something like this.  It has caught his imagination and done wonders for his self-esteem.

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