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More Cotton Bud Art 03/11/2009

Posted by snoozerider in kids craft.
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Inspired by the cotton bud skeleton we made a week or two ago, we decided to have a go at making a cotton bud firework picture and it came out pretty well.

First of all, we cut the cotton buds into different sizes (they ping everywhere and you will be finding them in strange places for days).  Next we set out three pots of water and added food dye and glitter (we only had yellow, red and green dyes but I think blue would work well) and then dipped the cotton buds into these, setting them out on paper plates to dry overnight.

The next morning we took a large sheet of black contstruction paper and started sticking them into firework shapes.  To help Waif work out the direction, we drew a dot in the middle of each one.  Once they were all stuck, we painted strips of glue around and sprinkled generous amounts of glitter around.  The results are pretty striking!

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