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Update 31/01/2010

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It’s been a while since my last post on here.  It’s not because the boys haven’t been learning anything, it just hasn’t been anything very photogenic!

They have continued to be enthused by Mathletics and Waif is quickly building up some very impressive mental arithmetic skills, while Gman is “Almost Einstein”.  They have earned enough credits for a stunning array of different backgrounds, haircuts and accessories for their profiles and are still going strong.

We have been watching some of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones together which have brought up plenty of topics for discussion and learning – so far, we have covered opera, infidelity, Athens, philosophy, women’s suffrage, the First World War, conscription…

We have also been reading the Horrible Histories book “Angry Aztecs” and will be undertaking some arts and crafts relating to this period.  We started off with making some featherwork shields in an Aztec style.  Here they are working on their shields:

Handmade Card Swap Part 3 21/12/2009

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Well, we have now received all 10 of our handmade card swaps and they are all lovely.  It is soooo nice to have a mantelpiece full of homemade cards.  In fact, this year we haven’t even put up any non-homemade cards cos they spoil the effect ;-).  It was good to read about other families and their Christmas traditions, including those in the States, Australia, Canada, South Africa and some Scots living in France.  We will also steal some ideas for next year’s cards of course!

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