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Gone back to blogger 16/02/2011

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I’ve moved this blog to blogger, cos I like it better after all ;-0

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Sketch Tuesday 21/09/2010

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Having agreed with the boys’ request to do some art every day, I was very excited to find out about “Sketch Tuesday“. I originally found out about this from this post on Nadene’s excellent homeschool blog, Practical Pages, and thought it sounded just the job. Our first assignment was to sketch “something with whiskers”. Gman chose to draw a tiger, and Waif quickly followed suit. Here they are at work on their pics:

g with whiskers
r does whiskers

And here are their completed drawings:

something with whiskers - r
something with whiskers - g

I even had a go and drew this slightly odd looking rabbit:

something with whiskers - v

If you hop (teehee) on over to Harmony Mom’s post here you can see the album of people’s sketches on this theme. The front cover is Gman’s tiger and very proud he is too 🙂

This week’s assignment is “something that floats”. Watch this space!

Handmade Card Swap Part 2 26/11/2009

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Here’s some more cards the boys have made.  We should have enough for the handmade card swap and some of the family too.

We cut out candle shapes from different coloured paper then made the flames using some gummed paper I discovered lurking in our box of papers.  I think they came out really well – a bit funkier than your average Christmas card 🙂


Upcycling a School Uniform 11/11/2009

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I am thrilled to report that Gman has made his first project on the sewing machine!  He made a beanbag using a scrap of fabric rescued from an old school polo shirt.  As you can see he is very proud and rightly so 🙂  Will have him making Morsbags before you know it!

G proud beanbag

Gman shows off his beanbag!

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