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Protracted 19/08/2010

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Who knew you could make such beautiful art using a protractor of all things?

Inspired by this post on the fabulous Art Projects for Kids website, the boys and I had a go at making these geometric pictures in the style of artist Frank Stella. They turned out fantastically well and were fun, and even meditative to do. As you can see, even though we all three followed the same restrictions (six traces round the protractor – three vertical, three horizontal and limited ourselves to six colours each) the three pieces are very different:

Here’s Waif working on his:

waifs protractor design in progress

And Gman steps back to contemplate his work in progress:

gman protractor design in progress

And here’s the three finished pictures:

finished protractor designs

Family Drawing Time 09/11/2009

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creative family

Inspired by my latest library book, The Creative Family, we have decided to start having a weekly Family Drawing Time, after dinner on a Sunday.  The idea is that the whole family sit down together to do a drawing and each week we will have a different “theme”.  Gman made the first week’s choice, which was Monsters.

I must admit, drawing has never been my “thing” as you will probably see from the drawing I did, lol.  However, I really want the family to have some creative time together and see that it’s all about doing your best, having a try and seeing how it turns out.  We will keep the pictures together in a folder and look back and see how much we improve over time – at least that’s the idea!

Both boys really enjoyed the session, and so did Mummy and Daddy :-).  Here are the pictures we drew:

Gman's monsters

Gman's monsters

Waif's monsters

Dad's monster

Mum's monster

Waif has chosen next week’s theme – Flowers – watch this space!

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