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Impressionist Lapbook Finished 31/03/2010

Posted by snoozerider in home education, lapbook.
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Wow, wow and double wow!  Gman has completed his Impressionist lapbook and is sooooo proud of it (and quite rightly so!).  You can check out his blog, Gmans Ramblings, to see what he has written about it, and check out some pictures below:

It is great to see Gman getting into something like this.  It has caught his imagination and done wonders for his self-esteem.


1. Jimmie - 31/03/2010

Wow! Impressive indeed! I left a comment for Gman too. I recognize Nadene’s printables from Practical Pages. I hope you let her know you used her materials. She’d be so very happy.

snoozerider - 31/03/2010

Thank you. He has worked incredibly hard at it, and is pleased with all the kind comments received. I have let Nadene know we used her stuff, and thanked her for it 🙂

2. Nadene - 01/04/2010

Hi, Jimmie sent me your link – and I’m so chuffed to see the completed lapbook and your son’s evident delight and enjoyment of the theme! He wrote a wonderful post! Congrats to you both!

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