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Puzzles, Blogs and More Star Wars 17/02/2010

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So, what have we been up to at the Snooze Academy?

Gman’s main learning experience has been with the creation of his own blog.  He has learned about posting, adding hyperlinks, inserting videos and has written quite an extensive review of one of the Lego kits he received for his birthday, which you can read here.  He has also created a poll asking a Very Important Question:  Which Star Wars film is best?  You can place your vote here.  He is currently planning a review of another Lego kit, so pop back in  a couple of days and read all about the “The Battle of Endor”.

The boys got several new board games and puzzles for their birthdays, including two Lego games, a Brainbox All Around the World, and Square Up!, which they can be seen enjoying below:

Their interest in Mathletics has waned a bit but this has seen them go back to using Education City a bit more, and Waif is particularly keen on a phonics game on the CBeebies website.



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